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Culination will Bring Kathy Casey into Your Kitchen

Today’s guest post is by Marisa Ingram.

Marisa has been an indispensable part of the Foodportunity team for the last two years.
She has a lifelong passion for home baking and a growing interest in all things fresh, local, organic, and seasonal. Though a native Washingtonian, a love for history took her to Charleston, SC where she obtained her degree in English from the College of Charleston. She works in human resources by day, but would love to give it all up for a life of travel.

deviled eggs

Wouldn’t you love to have a professional chef with you at home in the kitchen?

A new tech startup, Culination, would like to help you do just that. I had the pleasure of attending a preview party for Culination, hosted by Kathy Casey at her Food Studios, where I learned about this up and coming “online collaboration between home cooks and culinary professionals.”
One of the primary features of Culination is connecting you, at home in your kitchen or on the go with your mobile device, with a professional chef who can help you learn how to cook – one of whom is Kathy Casey herself. While the internet is flooded with recipes, not many of them actually teach you how to cook, Culination would like to help you bridge that gap via multimedia lessons. Culination was conceived in part from its founders’ desire to educate. And what better topic than food – something we all share – a universal connection point. Culination will be launching an Indiegogo campaign on April 9th. Sign up here for the most up-to-date information on this exciting venture.
As host for this event, Chef Kathy Casey treated us to a sampling of several of the delectable deviled eggs in her new book “D’Lish Deviled Eggs.” If you haven’t checked out this book yet please run out and get a copy – it won’t disappoint. Each deviled egg that I tasted was packed with a phenomenal amount of flavor in a perfectly sized and visually appealing package. A favorite was the Chipotle deviled egg and I look forward to preparing it in my own kitchen very soon – as well as many others. Stay tuned for more on this delightful cookbook . . .


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