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Shuk Ha Carmel, Tel Aviv

This is my absolute favorite place in Israel. It is the Tel Aviv Market also known as Shuk Ha Carmel. This is a bustling market filled with rows and rows of vegetables and fruit, spices, breads, toys and clothing of all kinds.

The selection of bread is out of control.

I love dried fruit, especially these that come in every shape and size.

I am bananas for the dried bananas. They are soft and chewy and not at all like the crunchy dried bananas that you get at the supermarket.

Candy heaven.
Just try to forget how bad artificial colors are for one minute. All this candy is out there for you to grab.

People in Israel eat tomatoes every single day, all year long.

There is a booth/restaurant in the Shuk called Bar Ochel (it has a sign that says “Good Food”). This is simple but gourmet food. They have delicious shakshuka, kebabs and chicken meatballs.


I always get a plate of the grilled vegetables. They use every vegetable you can think of including Kohlrabi which I have to say is one of those vegetables that doesn’t inspire me the least bit. Here they make it with lots of olive oil and slightly blackened. These vegetables taste so good with the crusty bread they give you.

shuk veg

This place never gets old, I could go every day and it is a 5 minute walk to the beach


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