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Every Day Cabbage Salad by Nutritionist Paula Rosenberg

cabbage saladThis has become my every day cabbage salad. Every day, I eat it.
Every few days, I make a bowl of it and I keep it in my fridge for those moments when I am starving, ravenous, so darn hungry that I could eat the house down. It is also great for those moments, when I need a little snack. And it actually tastes even better the next day.

I got the recipe from Israeli nutritionist and Natural Health Practioner Paula Rosenberg. I have been following her Facebook page and love her healthy recipes. Unfortunately, it is in Hebrew (learning that extra language finally comes in handy) Either way, there is always google translate.

Cabbage Salad with Sauteed Zuchini and Red Pepper


1 red pepper (diced)
1 zucchini (diced)
1 red onion (diced)
Half a cabbage (sliced thinly)
1/2 a cup of whole sesame seeds


1/4 a cup of olive oil
Juice of Half a lemon
1 teaspoon of sesame oil
1 teaspoon of natural maple syrup (I use date syrup)
A pinch of atlantic sea salt and black pepper

1. Saute pepper, zucchini and onion in a little olive oil for 5 minutes.

2. Mix vegetables with cabbage.

3. Add sauce and mix again. This can keep for up to two days in the fridge.


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