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What’s your Foodportunity 2013 Contest

We are getting excited about Foodportunity here.

All photo credit : Jackie Donnely Baisa

What’s Foodportunity?

Foodportunity is a networking event for Seattle’s food community.

You get to meet people who are passionate about food.
Foodportunity 2013 Chocolate

The best chefs in Seattle put their food out for you to try.


Chefs and foodies come to mingle together.

brian canlis


The event is October 28, Palace Ballroom. All the info and tickets are here. Buy your tickets before they sell out. And more about the lineup here

I can talk all I want about how much I love this event but we want you to tell your story. We want to provide opportunities. We are having a contest for food bloggers or anybody who wants to do something online. We want to hear your story. What’s your Foodportunity?

Here is last year’s first prize winning blog entry by Leslie from Fresh Picked Seattle.

The Details:

We want you to answer this question in a blog post, a photo or a video. Be creative. We just really want to hear your story. What has Foodportunity meant to you? What does Foodportunity mean to you? Was Foodportunity the place where you came out of your shell? Is it where you get to eat lots of food and live to tell? Even if you haven’t been to one of the Foodportunity events yet, you can tell your story of what you would like your Foodportunity to look like. It doesn’t have to be related to the event, just what does an opportunity in food look like to you? Be sure to use the tag #foodprt and @foodportunityse when you share it.

Did you do enter last year? You can add a sentence or two and link to your post to enter.

Please note: The Deadline has been extended.
The deadline is October 7, 2013.

The grand prize is a high table at Foodportunity for you to promote your blog and connect with the entire food industry. The grand prize winner will also receive a phone business consultation with Keren Brown (that’s me) to help you better promote your blog and business.

The second prize winner will receive a cookbook package, including 3 cookbooks, Good Fish by Becky Selengut, Plum, Gratiyfying vegan dishes from Seattle’s Bistro and Trophy Cupcakes and Party Cookbook.

There will be two third prize winners, one will receive a $25 giftcard to Fonte Coffee and Bar and one winner will receive a bottle of Lagrima, the world’s classiest vanilla extract including real vanilla beans in the bottle.

The judges will be announced in the next week, so check back here.

Good luck, feel free to email kerenlovestocookatgmail.com with any questions.


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