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Teatro Zinzanni- A Seattle Experience

Guest blogger Micaela Surdi from She Writes For Food tells you why you have to try this experience.

My first visit to Teatro Zinzanni was an experience I will never forget. The atmosphere, the energy, the enthusiasm, the theatrics, the comedy, the magic, the performances, and the food were all out of this world. Seriously. Upon making my trip over to Teatro ZinZanni in lower Queen Anne, I had no idea what to expect. It is pretty typical of me to research a place before even stepping foot out of my house. I’ll read reviews, I’ll scour for pictures, I’ll talk to friends and scavenge for opinions and thoughts, I’ll even find YouTube videos to keep me hopeful for the experience or to help me be willfully prepared for a poor experience. For whatever reason, I turned in my PFRS badge (Performance Food Research Snob, duh) and began my voyage to Teatro Zinzanni without any opinions or visions of what to expect; my expectations were nonexistent.

I arrived at Teatro Zinzanni and was transported to the early 1900’s with its beautiful décor and welcoming hosts. I came to know that Teatro ZinZanni’s main event is part circus, part dinner theatre, and always magical. It is a three-hour whirlwind of international cirque, comedy and cabaret artists all served up with a scrumptious multi-course feast and elegant libations. Each ever-evolving and constantly changing production (at least 3 new shows per year) combines improv comedy, vaudeville revue, music, dance, cirque and sensuality into a dizzying and colorful new form that is never quite the same from evening to evening. It is famous for its intimate setting, the fast-paced action of the show unfolding above, around and even alongside you as you dine on a gourmet meal.


If you didn’t know, Teatro ZinZanni seats restaurant-style at tables and in booths in the antique cabaret tent imported from Belgium. Yes, Belgium! The tent is circular and intimate (it seats around 285). Anywhere you are seated it’s a guarantee you will feel like you are part of the show and intimately experiencing it. The action of the show takes place all around the restaurant and is clearly visible from all vantage points in the room. As I was personally delivered to my seat, my server’s enthusiasm, joy, and pure excitement for the show became contagious and soon I was anxiously waiting for the show to begin. As I waited, the knowledgeable servers asked about any dietary restrictions, educated me on the nights menu, the wine selections, the performances, and then happily whisked away into the kitchen as the lights went down and the show began.

I won’t get into the actual show performances because let’s be honest, you need to see and hear them for yourself. But I will share my knowledge of the cast members. Practically all of the cast members are internationally renowned performers. Andrea Conway Doba who brings humor and raw talent to the show has spent nine years with Cirque du Soleil, touring Saltimbanco throughout Asia, Europe and North America, performing on the Chinese poles and jumping 35 feet in the air off the Russian swing. Dreya Weber who stars as Cleo in the show is an acclaimed actress, musician, and aerial choreographer. Did I mention she has choreographic credits with Michael Jackson, Cher, Madonna, Taylor Swift, Britney Spears, Katy Perry, Kylie Minogue, Rihanna, Christina Aguilera and Pink? These are just two performers I’ve mentioned, though, there are ten in the current show, “Hail Caesar: Forbidden Oasis!” who have equivalent and diverse backgrounds just the same.

Words cannot begin to explain how and why my jaw was literally dropped during the whole show. My eyes opened in shock, disbelief, and utter bewilderment! The way Frank Ferrante (plays Caesar) engaged the audience with impeccable humor and audience participation had my stomach hurting from laughing so hard. I was definitely surprised at the beautiful array and assortment of food the menu had, too. As I am unable to consume gluten, I was still served a bountiful, elaborate multi-course gluten free fare without any fuss. With their Egyptian yellow lentil soup with caraway cream, or the arugula and fresh green leaf lettuce salad with English cucumber, Roma tomato, shaved sweet onions, and Kalamata olives I was beyond spoiled. Then, there was the Halibut. Wild Halibut with basil and fresh fig chutney, served with fine herb cous cous and local seasonal mini-vegetables. What I enjoyed the most regarding the food was when the performers would make an actual performance about our next course. The waiters, chefs, servers, and performers all danced and paraded around the tent delivering our dishes with candid smiles, choreographed dancing, contagious enthusiasm, and with delightful ease. It made eating an exhilarating experience and something I will never forget.

If you are in search for the next birthday present, Christmas gift, Hanukah present, or simple date night out, booking tickets to Teatro ZinZanni is something you will not regret. You will honestly relish in the memories and moments that captured your heart and warmed your spirit as I am doing today.

There are four ways to get your tickets to Teatro Zinzanni:

By Phone

Call our box office at 206-802-0015.

At the Box Office

The Teatro ZinZanni Box Office is located at 222 Mercer Street at 3rd Avenue North, near Seattle Center.

Box Office hours:
Monday, closed
Tuesday-Saturday, Noon to 7:00 p.m.
Sunday, Noon to 6:00 p.m.
(For weekend matinee performances, the Box Office will open at 10:30 a.m. – lobby at 11:00 a.m.)

As A Gift

Teatro ZinZanni Gift Cards are available for purchase online or by calling or visiting our Box Office.

Gift Cards may be redeemed by calling or visiting our Box Office

Micaela is a multi-passionate writer in love with all things that ignite the human spirit. With a background in office management, special education, social media and PR, and Children Studies’ you can tell she has broad interests in all areas of life. Her zealous attitude towards human connection and yearning to experience deeper meaning in life unravels through writing about food, life, and celebrating gratitude. After experiencing a life altering illness in her childhood and witnessing her brother come face to death with, Micaela views each day as a true blessing and contagiously marvels at things big and small. Call her an old soul or a leftover hippie, but know that her drive to influence others in a positive way will never cease.


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