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AAJA Chef’s Showcase and Kaisho, Asian Street Food

Last Monday, the Seattle Chapter of the Asian American Journalist Association hosted the first Chef’s Showcase event. The event held at the Columbia Tower Club and showcased some delicious bites and the best view in town. Local celebrity chefs shared their favorite recipes and cooked for the crowd. There was wine pouring, nibbles and a room full of people in a cheerful mood.

columbia tower

chef na

Chef Lisa Nakumura showing the crowd how to make Hijiki rice balls. You can learn more about her upcoming Gnocchi bar here .

After the event, we stopped to check out the newly opened Kaisho, Asian Street food with Northwest Flare on capitol hill. The name, which means a gathering place is the perfect place to go for drinks and some bites with friends already starting to sport a scene for seeing and being seen. The menu boasts items like Bao burger, Green Curry Daikon Noodles, Dim Sum and Papaya Quinoa Salad. The fried chicken was a good choice with just a hint of a spice to it and some waffles on the side.


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