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Bibovino, Tel Aviv

Once upon a time, on Even Givrol street in Tel Aviv, the sweetest French family in the area decided to bring a taste of French wine to Tel Aviv. They opened a little shop called Bibovino (Even Gvirol 48)  a wine shop where you can get exceptional wine, by the box. In a box, you get the advantage of an eco-friendly option, reasonable prices and the best wines. The box is closed with an exclusive vacuum seal that keeps the wine fresh for longer and locks in the flavor and taste, giving you the opportunity to enjoy amazing wine at home, whenever you want.

I had my last Israel Food Lovers’ event at Bibovino and it was a hit! The French really know how to have a good time. They greeted us with beautiful food prepared by their personal chef and of course lots of wine.  The whole family helped orchestrate the event, each smiling and making sure we enjoyed our Gratin, Risotto, the arrangement of Tartines and the Bibovino dessert that was the talk of the evening. Israel Food Lovers’ is a monthly meetup that I put together to connect foodies from all wakes of life in Israel. To join, please sign up here .If you are looking for a place to hang out with friends or to put together a special event, Bibovino is the place. Call and make sure that they know that you are coming so the chef can put together some French bites for you. For reservations call, 058-4446875. Bibovino is located at Even Givrol 48.

photo credit: onmybikesusie

Bibovino 1

bibovino 2

bibovino 3


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