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Tel Aviv New Year’s Food Events and Restaurant Events

2016 is just around the corner and Israel’s restaurant scene is brimming with opportunities.  Not in the mood for another dance party? Reserve a seat at one of Israel’s trendiest restaurants for a memorable dinner.

Check out this list of the best places to celebrate. You might have to kiss with a full belly and endless glasses of wine!

Editor’s note: If you are looking for a specific type of place including, midnight romance, DJ, wine bar, seafood, this page has all the answers.

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סילבסטר פופינה צלם חיים יוסף (3).jpg
Popina, photo credit: Haim Yosef

Popina- Tel Aviv

Tasting menu, romantic, seafood

Popina is in romantic Neve Tsedek’s neighborhood, and just like its neighborhood, it will have a gem of a tasting menu for New Year’s Eve. Chef Orel Kimchi is known for using the most incredible ingredients, including importing unique world over ingredients.  For New Year’s, you’ll find  black caviar, cured fish with parsley powder, lobster tortellini, smoked pumpkin cream, scallops, roasted Jerusalem artichokes with chestnut polenta, berry semifredo. There will be champagne and vodka Beluga. The tasting menu will be available for 350₪ per person. For more information, Popina


dan perets
Mashya, Photo credit: Dan Peretz

Mashya-Tel Aviv

Cava-Special Menu-DJ

Mashya, the newest restaurant by Chef Yossi Chitrit, and owners Asaf Lees and Asaf Friedman also of the Kitchen Market and Onza.
Chef Yossi Chitrit will put together a special menu for sharing, each couple will get two glasses of Cava and two appetizers. There will also be 4 first courses like fresh tuna with pickled vegetables like avocado with wasabi, or  Coquilles St Jaques with  Iberico ham. Includes dessert.  There will be a DJ playing music all night.

Early seating : 290 ₪ per person Later seating : 350 ₪ per person. For More information, Mashya


אריא_סילבסטר 2016, דגים ופירות ים על הקרח _צילום- בן יוסטר (2) (Custom).jpg
Aria, photo credit: Ben Yuster


Aria- Tel Aviv

Tasting menu-Seafood-DJ

Aria,  restaurant will be celebrating the New Year with a European menu with a local twist. Chef Guy Gamzo will be creating this special menu made of menu items like Fish and Seafood on ice (for 2),  salmon and tuna slices, crystal shrimps and oysters.  On the menu,  The Codfather, black cod in white miso with purple mashed potatoes will also be on the menu. Other menu items , half lobster with butter, thyme and lemon alongside fettuccine in lobster stock.  Porterhouse steak for two, with root vegetables, French mustard and mashed potatoes Raita. This menu can be ordered in the restaurant or in the bar/lounge downstairs to the tunes of DJ Tomer Adato.

Dinner will be divided into 3 sessions:

1900-21:30 – 350 ₪

21:30-23:30 -450₪

23:00- morning- 450 ₪

For more information, Aria

Keren’s note: Aria Lounge is totally happening if you like to dance through the night. The crowd , professionals and a +28 crowd.



Pronto image
Pronto, photo credit: Tamuz Rachman

Pronto-Tel Aviv

Tasting menu, Italian, wine pairing

Pronto will have a special tasting menu with a Bourgogne wine pairing. There will be two tasting menus opportunities, the first from 18:30-19:30 until 21:30 (230 ₪) or the late night version at (350 ₪) a person. On the menu  are items like green artichoke gnocchi with smoked Gouda, crystal shrimps tartar and a foie gras terrine. The Bourgogne wine menu (180 ₪) includes 4 glasses of wine, perfectly paired with your dishes. For more information,  Pronto.

+í+¬+Ö+P+Ö +ÿ+ò+á+ö- +ñ+É+í+ÿ+£- +ª+Ö+£+ò+¥ +É+á+ÿ+ò+£+Ö +P+Ö+¢+É+£+ò.jpg
Pastel, Photo Credit: Anatoly Michaello

Pastel-Tel Aviv

Appetizers-Seafood-Live Band

Pastel, the restaurant alongside the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, will be serving a special dinner. Table appetizers like Antias Sashimi,  Chinese oranges, snow peas and a citrus vinaigrette. Israeli inspired second courses and your choice of main courses like  a seafood  bar with seafood orzo and lobster gnocchi. You can try the peas with mandarine butter and rice pudding for dessert.

Early seating: 320 ₪

Later Seating : 380 ₪

For more information, Pastel 

JAJO_טרושון כבד אווז_צילום- עו''ד אביב אילון  (Custom) (1).jpg
Jajo, photo credit: Aviv Eylon

Jajo Wine Bar and Chef’s Restaurant-Sarona

Wine bar, tasting menu, live music

Jajo Wine Bar and Chef’s Restaurant  will be hosting a special night with a tasting menu, live music by Beatband. On the menu: fish tartare with smoked oysters, crab tortellini with a mascarpone whipped Béarnaise, spinach potatoes, a bacon crumble and the signature Calamari, with lubia salad, hummus rings  and a garlic confit.  Starting from 18:00-17:00 (200 ₪) and from 21:30 (350 ₪). For more information, Jajo 

tiger lily
Tiger Lilly, photo credit: Daniel Layla

Tiger Lilly-Tel Aviv

Asian, champagne, sharing

Tiger Lilly will be  serving a special dinner for the New Year’s including festive menu items like Yam Nuatcrispy calamari in tapioca flour sauteed with okra, fresh tomatoes, green onions, mint and coriander and a spicy Thai sauce (39 ₪ ), wontons filled with shrimp and coriander in coconut milk, curry red, roasted coconut chips and peanuts (49 ₪ ), Fanang Curry – a coconut milk curry dish seafood filled with calamari and shrimp , red pepper, Thai eggplant, shallots, basil and mint and served alongside steamed rice, (72 ₪). 

The alcohol menu will include premium champagne and cocktails based on sparkling wine. At midnight, all guests will receive a complimentary glass of Blanc de Blanc from Chateau St Michelle.

For more information, Tiger Lilly 

Brown, photo credit: Sarit Goffen

Brown -Tel Aviv

Couples, Middle-Eastern, Homey

Brown Bistro chef Alon  Lipinski  will be serving alongside the regular menu,  a Sylvester menu divided into two categories according to the price. In each category, diners will enjoy a pair of two main courses and a glass of Aperol. The categories are from the water, from the earth. For couples, the sea version: burnt eggplant ravioli and Meiri cheese, purple squid, Roman artichokes, basil, Thassos olives and grated fresh tomato on goats labaneh and more (184 ₪ per couple).

For couples by the land, “candy” pasta with portobello mushrooms filled with roast beef, cream and white root vegetables lamb chops with roasted eggplant cream, grilled vegetables and harissa. (194₪ per couple).

For dessert: Try the panna cotta dessert citrus-orange hazelnut biscuits, and orange tartelettes. For more information, Brown 


סטייק ברוטב ציר בקר ויין אדום-דן פרץ
Bistro Thernchovsky,  photo credit: Dan Peretz

Bistro Thernichovsky 6-Tel Aviv

Live music, bistro, wine

Bistro Thernichovsky 6,  will kick of New Year’s with a jazz show and a special menu starting from 21:00. Live music by Amos Hadani and Yuroy Oron. Main dishes include, fresh bread, dessert plate and a glass of wine (325 ₪). For more information, Tchernichovsky 6

סלט ירוקי חווה עם תפוזי וגבינה צ'רקסית מהחווה-איתיאל ציון.jpg
Chavat Zuk, photo credit: Ethiel Zion

Chavat Zuk ( Zuk Farms and Delicatessen)

Farm-to-table, beef, tasting menu

Chavat Zuk ( Zuk Farms and Delicatessen), where couples can enjoy a meal that will include Sangria Rosa or Spumante, one appetizer per person, one entree per person, and a choice of one of the following desserts: chocolate mousse with strawberries, chocolate sorbet, chocolate fondue, cookies and kisses, (230 ₪).

Enjoy many different options like Beef Asado with potatoes and red wine, goat’s cheese lasagna with roasted pumpkin and or homemade post modern sausages with roasted tomatoes, fresh labane and green beans. These are just some of the options.

For a group of 6,  enjoy a glass of Sangria or Italian sparkling wine. First course choice; a whole lamb shoulder stuffed with lamb, rice, and pine nuts that has been roasted for 3 hours, with  mustard and grilled vegetables straight from the farm. For sides, roasted potatoes and a fresh green salad. There will be desserts for sharing and Cabernet Sauvignon 2015 from Zuk Farm. Farm-to-table at it’s best, (320 ₪). For more information, Chavat Z

cichetti platter
photo credit: Tamuz Rachman


Cicchetti-Tel Aviv

Italian, small plates, tasting menu

Cicchetti, will help you feast Italian tapas style. Chef Michal Gratofsky is building a special tasting menu with special dishes like oyster limoncello, fresh artichokes and Parmesan cream and other goodies. Come enjoy this specially crafted tasting menu, (250 ₪). The regular menu will be available as well.

For more information, Cicchetti

brut photo
Brut, photo credit: Aviram Katz

Brut, one of Tel Aviv’s one of Tel aviv’s most loved wine bars with a vibrant vibe and excellent food is serving up a 4 course tasting menu with choices for each course between vegetable, meat and  seafood.  The menu is priced  at 290 ₪. For more information, Brut.

Zou Bisou

Night life, comfort food, party

Zou Bisou,  is a  chic Night life club that has a special menu by Chef David Frankel. There will be mussels with garlic butter, Zou-Bisou hamburgers in a homemade brioche with chili butter and Mac and Cheese.  There will be a Dj spinning through the evening taking you to their after- dinner party.

200  ₪ per person includes 3 courses and 2 glasses of Cava. For more information, Zou Bisou



Bindella- Tel Aviv

Italian, chic, swanky

Bindella Osteria & Bar, is a London-chic restaurant that invites you to celebrate New Year’s Eve dinner in style . Chef Roy Sofer put together a menu of specials like a beef stew with root vegetables, sweet potato cream, artichoke ravioli  and fish confit with mandarins, fennel and olives.

For more information, Bindella

Goocha Sarit gofen
Goocha, photo credit: Sarit Goffen Photography


Goocha Restaurant Group-Tel Aviv

Seafood, champagne, casual

Goocha Restaurant Group is celebrating New Year’s Eve dinner with a menu that includes a selection of special dishes to be offered alongside the regular menu items. In addition, each diner gets an appetizer and a glass of Prosecco (Italian champagne) on the house at midnight.

Between New Year’s Eve specials are items such as  Blacked Octopus on a Masaba of black lentils, White Locus Sashimi and scallops with wild mushrooms.  Main dishes such as  Grouper risotto with asparagus and wild mushrooms (128 ₪) and Bar Sea chestnut Gnocchi with shrimp and mussels (123 ₪). Ending the meal with a dessert menu including  “New Years Surprise Plate” that consists of various petit fours, and Marazzi on Strawberries and Chocolate (48 ₪). For more information, Goocha.


פרנץ' 57 צילום בן יוסטר (6) (Custom)
French 57. photo credit: Ben Yuster

French 57, Tel Aviv

French 57  is the newest cocktail bar on the block and  it’s rockin’ with New Orlean’s style. French 57  is having a live blues show ( Blue Rebels)  on New Year’s Eve alongside a special winter cocktail menu with cocktails like the Irish Coffee Egg Nog and The Blazer, Irish whiskey, caramel and sherry. For more information, French 57
פחזניות במילוי קרם פטיסייר וניל צ'יריפום שרית גופן
Chiripom, photo credit: Sarit Goffen Photography


Chiripom-Tel Aviv ( Kosher)

Kosher, Meditereanean, Morroccan

Chiripom, This restaurant will ring in the new year in North African -style  with Moroccan and Algerian dishes.  These include, meatballs with leek and swiss chard in a lemony hummus sauce, chicken filled with pumpkin jam and almonds and homemade cream puffs with crème pâtissière à la vanille. Beautiful cocktails to follow. More information at Chiripom.

אובן קובן_תפריט חורף 2016_צ'יאנג מאי קארי_צילום- שי אשכנזי (1)
Oban Koban , photo credit: Shai Ashkenazi


Oban Koban- Tel Aviv

Japanese, Ramen, cocktails

Oban Koban, a modern Japanese street food restaurant  with Japanese street food specials and Asian cocktail menu.  On the menu, שינג’וקו ראמן (Shinjoko Ramen) Miso, ramen, pork, mushrooms egg, seaweed and sprouts (86 ₪)  צ’אנג מאי קארי Chang Mai Curry,  spicy, thai curry, coconut milk, scallops, shrimps. mussels and root vegetables (88₪), סופאריבו אומה, spareribs in plum sauce with honey and soya (98₪) For more information, Oban Koban

+ÿ+¿+ÿ+¿ +æ+º+¿, +£+Ö+P+ö +á+Ö+ñ+ò +ª+Ö+£+ò+¥ +É+á+ÿ+ò+£+Ö +P+Ö+¢+É+£+ò
Lima Nippo, photo credit: Anatoly Michaello


Lima Nippo-Yaffo

Peruvian, Japanese,creative

Lima Nippo-Yaffo, The new chef’s restaurant located in Shuk Ha Pishpishim serves up Japanese and Peruvian food with fresh, vibrant ingredients. In addition to the brand new chic menu  you will find menu items like  ceviche seabass and papaya with fennel and mint. As well as eggplant tempura with green gaspacho, roasted ponzu duck to name a few.  For more information, Lima Nippo

Keren’s note: For those who like to keep up-to-date with restaurant trends, this just opened less than a month ago. Be one of the first!


All over Israel

רביולי אננס הלנה בנמל צילום יחצ.jpg
Helena, photo credit: Sarit Goffen Photography


Romantic, seafood, Caesarea

Helena restaurant located in the magical  old  port of Caesarea will celebrate the last evening of the year with a line of special dishes (alongside the regular menu) which Chef Amos Sion put together especially for this special evening. You’ll find menu dishes  such  as octopus carpaccio with fennel and blood oranges; Fresh crayfish lobster bisque and black ink “sable” cookies. As well as, grouper fillet and mussels in a sauce of roasted peppers and pineapple ravioli with “Busa” cheese. Champagne and sparkling wines will be served throughout the night. For more information, Helena



תשבי. קרדיט אייל גמילי
Tishbi Winery, photo credit: Eyal Gamili


Tishbi Winery-Zichron Yaakov

Wine tasting, fish, Zichron

Chef Yaron Gil, will be presenting a 7 course tasting wine including 4 wine pairings (250 ₪). On the menu Sashimi Antias with madarines, Saint Maure cheese accompanied by fresh pears. Lachmajun with red tuna and Raas’ Al Hanout, risotto, Valharona chocolate soufflet and so much more.  For more information,Tishbi Winery

Lilush Bar  Grand Opening – Kfar Saba

A new bar is opening at Cinema City in Kfar Saba. The grand opening will be on New Year’s Eve. More details here

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