Bakeoff Israel Starts Saturday at 9 pm

Israel’s version of ” The Great British Bakeoff ” starts Saturday at 9p.m.  This new  show that brings home bakers into the spotlight promises a myriad of baking inspiration showcasing ordinary people making extraordinary cakes.

Bakeoff 2
These are Carine Goren’s most famous Krembo recipe at the launch party at Claro

The show is judged by Carine Goren, known for her baking cookbooks that have changed the Israel baking scene, Ran Shmueli, the chef behind Claro, Israel’s   well-loved Farm-to Table restaurant and  Oden Brenner, one of the founders of the wildly successful Max Brenner Chocolate haven. The show is hosted by Paula Rosenberg and  Aya Kremermen.


Bakeoff 3
These gorgeous beauties are from the viewing party at Claro


The show premieres on Keshet , Saturday, April 9th at 9:00 pm.

For more information, click here

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