3 Wine Events for Passover

Three Must-Attend Wine Events This Passover


If there is no bread, then there must be wine! Passover is here and it’s the time to check out wine tastings, music parties and more. Start off with the most-talked about Best Value event, then road trip cross country for some unique wine tasting opportunities!


Wine lovers take note! Best value, the masterminds behind Sommelier, Israel’s premier wine event is hosting the wine tasting of the season.  Taste Passover wines at competitive prices and hang out with wine lovers and foodies everywhere. For 30 shekels a person, get creative and taste the winning wines from Best Value 2017, the contest that showcases the best of the country. The event will take place on Sunday April 9th at 18:00. Get more details here http://www.sommelier.co.il/article.asp?id=459


Dalton Winery in the Galilee will have special wine tastings throughout Passover at 20 shekels a person, and will include a tour of the winery and tastes of the award-winning wines—including wines which won the Best Value contest. Wine tours will be at 10:30, 12:00, 14:00, with extra tours on Fridays and holidays at 10:00 and 14:00. Call to reserve your spot https://www.facebook.com/DaltonWinery


Sip on the beach while you take in the music at the Caesarea wine and music festival. From April 11th—17th,  the Caesarea Beach Bar will be hosting wine and music events during the entire week of Pesach, with a selection of twenty-six wines from local wineries like Recanati, Dalton, Barkan, and more. All wines will be on sale for NIS 28 per glass and NIS 105-125 per bottle. There will be live music and bands throughout the week. For details, visit https://www.facebook.com/beachbar.caesarea/

בסט ווליו 4 צילום דיוויד סילברמן
Photo credit: David Silverman
בסט ווליו 3 צילום דיוויד סילברמן
Photo credit: David Silverman



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