Milgo & Milbar and Castel Winery are giving you free wine!

Let them drink wine! At least that’s what the owners of Milgo & Milbar and Castel Winery believe ( we believe it too!). For one month (June 18-July 18) the chef restaurant will be partnering with Castel to give its diners a free glass of wine with the purchase of a business lunch. This partnership has a clear goal in mind: enhance the Israeli wine culture while allowing lunch goers to enjoy a midday break of entertainment, unique dishes, and a relaxing glass of wine.


מלגו ומלבר_צילום- אלירן אביטל (27) (Custom) (5)
Photo credit: Eliran Avital




From June 18-July 18 Milgo & Milbar diners will have a choice of red and white wines from Castel’s La Vie series to accompany their business meal Sunday-Thursday, 12:00-15:30.

The hope is that guests will adopt the custom of drinking a glass of wine in the afternoon to enhance their lunch experience, breaking away from the notion that wine is an evening thing.

יקב קסטל_LaVie Blanc du Castel 2016_צילום- אלעד ברמי (Custom) (8)
Photo credit: Elad Barmi

If a free glass of wine is not enough, Milgo & Milbar will also be introducing new dishes for the upcoming month including a sashimi confit and mussel plate that will leave your palate in awe. When preparing a menu, owner Ben Reign says he asks three vital questions: Is it tasty, can my parents make it, and can I go dancing after?

You’ll be happy to hear that the answer to that last question is yes! The dishes served at Milgo & Milbar are satisfying yet light enough that even when paired with wine you’ll still feel like dancing the night away, or at least not like taking a nap.

If you’re searching for the ideal lunch spot Milgo & Milbar is the place. Call 03-6314214 for reservations and see their menu on their website at Milgo & Milbar is located between the Habima Theater and the Tel Aviv Culture Hall on Rothschild 142.

Milgo & Milbar is onn the Eater 38 list of the best restaurants in Tel Aviv

Guest post by Sam Hertig

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