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The Third Time Was the Charm: Israel’s Cocktail Festival on the Marina

Innovative drinks, savory bites, and a stunning view made this year’s Israel Cocktail Festival a huge success. On July 19-20, tons of people gathered at the Herzliya Marina for a festival of one-of-kind drinks made from the alcohol industry’s leading brands and Israel’s top mixologists hosted by Grape Man and Zman Amiti.


With the purchase of a ticket, event goers were given three hand-made cocktails of their choosing, each presented in a unique glass that you were welcome to take home with you. The options seemed endless, making it almost impossible to choose what to get, but a welcome and exciting challenge.


Drinkers could not go wrong at this libation heaven whether they got a crisp Moscow Mule from Russian Standard, or a fruity mix from Olmeca Tequila. Each vendor’s cocktails were completely unique like the watermelon and za’atar slushi from Jinro and were garnished with some kind edible treat, so you could snack as you drank.

If you weren’t able to attend this year’s cocktail festival, make sure to go next year for your chance to experience the most unique cocktails and even alcoholic ice cream! Follow Grape Man and Zman Amiti on Facebook for information on next year’s festival.



Written By Sam Hertzig


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