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Binyamina Winery Launches New Line Just In Time For Passover

It’s a celebration and Binyamina Winery wants you to celebrate by opening up new wines for the occasion. The celebration is 70 years to Israel and 95 to the Binyamina area, the new line is here just in time for Passover.

The ” Moshava” is the newest series, giving thanks to the beautiful and rich city of Binyamina and accentuating the scents and aromas of the Moshava ( Binyamina). It’s a homage to simplicity and embodies the intersection between man and nature.  The bottles retail at NIS 25.


The Teva ( nature) line has gotten a revamp this year as well.


Both in time for Passover, with so many reasonably priced wines in this line and all of them are kosher, it’s a great gift to bring for friends or for the seder.



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