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OCD, Where Fine Dining Meets Crazy Creativity

One of the questions I always get is “What is your favorite restaurant in Tel Aviv?” It’s one of the hardest questions to answer.

Do you mean when I have a night off? Do you mean when I am craving vegan? Do you mean when I am craving fancy? Do you mean when I am craving a burger?

I would love to let people in on my private roladex but when it comes to food, I am the moodiest person on the earth.

But, regardless, there are a few spots that I think anybody who loves fine dining has to try and OCD is one of them.  With two seatings and a waiting list, this private restaurant experience is really unique.

Chef Raz Rahav is one of my favorites. He’s super young and packed with energy and of course  has OCD, making every experience at his restaurant unforgettable. He takes the time to talk to each diner, to explain, to answer your questions and most of all, the amount of details and thought that goes into each dish is unparallel.

OCD 3 photo cred Keren Brown

The dinner costs 345NIS which is a commitment, but it’s the ultimate all-in restaurant experience. They also have brunch, once a month. There are only 19 diners in the room and 9 courses ( and sometimes more) and you just sit back, chill and take in the endless creativity. Also, they are stellar with food sensitivities, vegan and pescatarian, and even kosherish, if you need it.

I do recommend that you take someone who you really love to talk to because the two-hour dinner gives you lots of time to catch up. Grab your bestie and make reservations.


OCD 2 Keren



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