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Where to Eat During the Eurovision 2019 in Tel Aviv

If you’re new here, my name is Keren, a.k.a the Frantic Foodie. I have been writing about food for more than 13 years. I live and breathe food and live in the city of Tel Aviv.  My days are spent trying every restaurant, market and food shop and I often just walk around trying to scout new places. I love my little city and often bike around, or just wander to discover new shops. I would love to share my lists with you so that you know where to eat during the Eurovision in Tel Aviv.Panda_Pita___1_.0.jpg


Here you go:

For the ultimate list of spots in Tel Aviv: This is it! I suggest you read and take notes on the kind of spots you like and then chooses places from the list. There is fancy pants, street food and even a few bars. This is the Eater 38.

OCD 3 photo cred Keren Brown
OCD, a really special tasting menu experience

For the hottest restaurants right now,  here is the Hottest Restaurants list These are basically the kind of spots that the locals who have been everywhere are keen to try. They are all spots that have opened in the last year.

And no matter what kind of food you like, you’ll love the street food that seems to be everywhere you look. Some foods like felafel and shawarma can be worthy at a lot of spots, you don’t necessarily have to drag across town for them but if you are like me and get crazy excited over scouting the best spots, you can navigate your way through this Tel Aviv Street Food Guide . I will have to mention that if you can only go to one single street food spot, I recommend HaKosem ( The Magician), which is actually the best in my opinion as far as the standard of the food, freshness and cleanliness. Definitely, magic for the win.

If your visiting, feel free to send me a note, say hi or message me for advice. Beteavon, Bon Appetit in Hebrew.












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