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The Well-Loved Serafina From New York Debuts in Tel Aviv


The name Serafina evokes memories of cozy, Italian food and fresh- from- the- oven pizza. This popular and well-loved American chain currently boasts 14 locations across America, as well as 37 restaurants in places as diverse and far-flung as Tokyo and Rio de Janeiro. After a long wait, the 38th is finally in Israel – in the Ramat Aviv neighborhood of Northern Tel Aviv.


Once known as merely residential, Ramat Aviv has of late become a spot for truly respectable spots such as Havat Zuk, one of the favorite restaurants for locals in the know and M25, a meat lovers’ hub. These trendy eateries are now joined by their newest neighbor, Serafina, which is serving fresh pizzas with pepperoni, hand-made pasta, focaccias, and delicate vegetable dishes.

No matter what you choose from the menu, it all makes you feel like you are eating in a real Italian home, coupled with a cozy restaurant vibe.

Seafood is all over the menu, with a linguini medley including shrimp, calamari, lobster and everything from the sea. A sexy bar area means Serafina will also be the perfect spot for a late-night catch up with friends – a sign that the design of Serafina is true to the original with a touch of the bustling Tel Aviv vibe.

All told, Serafina is sure to be the latest hot-spot for locals seeking a taste of la dolce vita and an evening out with top-notch Italian fare.IMG_3487.jpg


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