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New Updates and Kitchenbug

Where did this year go? My twins just passed the two year mark, which means they have their own little personalities. Every one of my three kids is finding a different path and it is really nice to see how different they are and what makes each child smile. My 2 year old boy loves cooking and can tell you exactly what you need to … Continue reading New Updates and Kitchenbug

I have Dinner Amnesia+ Some Ideas

Every busy parent has suffered from a case of dinner amnesia. You stand in front of the fridge, exhausted, with a handful of whatever you find to snack on and you can’t for the life of you think of what you want to make for the kids. The background music is familiar, it doesn’t matter if you have one, two or three kids. You hear … Continue reading I have Dinner Amnesia+ Some Ideas

Teaching your Child’s Class about Nut Allergies

I remember the moment that I realized that my son would never have nuts again. It hurt so much that it made my toes curl. I felt like someone sucker-punched me in the stomach and I cried so much that my sockets looked like enormous peanuts. My first reaction was denial. Maybe there was a mistake. Maybe he moved too much during the allergy test. … Continue reading Teaching your Child’s Class about Nut Allergies

Thankful. Posts That Make You Weep.

I admit it. I am a wuss. I love heartfelt posts. I love reading about people’s lives. I spend my toughest moments reading posts about people’s lives, reading their life lessons, reading their coping mechanisms and reading about being grateful. Writing is such a beautiful thing. Reading is a beautiful thing. The internet makes sure that every waking moment there is something to absorb. Since … Continue reading Thankful. Posts That Make You Weep.