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Frolik, the New Restaurant in the Red Lion Hotel

Guest Blogger Marisa Ingram visits Frolik, the new restaurant and bar in town.

frolik 1

One word comes immediately to mind when I think of new restaurant and bar Frolik Kitchen + Cocktails – FUN. Just opened at the Red Lion Hotel on Fifth Avenue, Frolik’s name alone will give you a hint of what to expect. Offering breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as to-go options, the real party takes place between 4-10pm every night when Frolik hosts “happy evening.” Not just one “happy hour,” but 5 hours – every night of the week. To add to the engaging environment they have an enormous outdoor deck (Seattle’s largest) with seating, a fireplace table, shuffleboard, and ping pong. And the glorious views of the Seattle skyline will remind you that you haven’t, in fact, been whisked away on holiday.

Frolik 2

The fun continues on the inside with Xbox consoles as well as board games. I very much look forward to cozying up with a board game, some friends, and one of Frolik’s craft cocktails. I tasted several and my favorite, a “Rosemary Runamok,” was slightly sweet, but still light and refreshing. The cocktail list is quite long and you may also choose from a list of local beer and wine.

With award winning Chef Shailu Salian at the helm, the real highlight of Frolik is the food. Chef Salian has created some lovely bites . Sourcing from many local food purveyors including Salumi salami, Beecher’s Cheese and Taylor Shellfish Farms – Frolik makes an effort to offer local foods on its menu. Of the many bites I sampled, tops for me were “Grape, Goat Cheese, Pistachio Bon Bons,” and “Caprese Skewers.” I also sampled a luscious tiramisu – one of the best I’ve tried.

Frolik is located at 1415 Fifth Ave, Seattle WA. (206) 971 8000

frolike 3

About Marisa:

Marisa has been an indispensable part of the Foodportunity team for the last two years.
She has a lifelong passion for home baking and a growing interest in all things fresh, local, organic, and seasonal. Though a native Washingtonian, a love for history took her to Charleston, SC where she obtained her degree in English from the College of Charleston. She works in human resources by day, but would love to give it all up for a life of travel.

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Far Eats is Now Open in Belltown

Geogy Chacko, the chef and owner behind Belltown’s Far Eats was the chef part of the team that created the original Beba’s Delis, and the Chutneys group of restaurants. This Indian restaurant offers Chaats, savory small plates or snacks with dishes like Curried Penn Cove Mussels, Scallops Fenugreek Lamb Burgers with Masala Fries, Cilantro Calamari, Curry Leaf Beef, Eggplant Bombay and Goat Chili and Black Pepper Chicken drizzled with Honey. The prices range from $5.00- $14.00.

The hours start at 11 am and continue until the evening with a thali lunch (11 am-2pm) and a happy hour menu from 4pm-6pm. Far Eats is located at 2301 5th Avenue, Seattle WA. The phone number is 206-770 3287.

Far Eats will be at Foodportunity on Monday June 25. Come meet the chef and taste some of what this restaurant has to offer.

Owner and Chef Geogy Chacko

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Food Events, Restaurants and More Seattle in the Know

Summer, Summer. People in this city are beaming with happy smiles, new energy and the restaurant scene is running around like a chicken without a head. There is way too much to keep up with but I put together a short list of things you might want to check out.

1. Duke’s Slightly Slanted Happy Hour. All 6 locations are slanting things but I recently got to attend a media event on South Lake Union and let me tell you, this is a great place to sit and have a slanted time (okay I will stop using this word) on the patio while enjoying the warm weather. The menu includes items like Naked Wild Alaska Salmon Slider with Alaska Coho Salmon molasses bread with basil pesto and sliced tomato, Fresh Dungeness Crab Slider , NW Coast Dungeness Crab with fresh avocado and homemade chipotle aioli and Goat Cheese & Pesto Slider with Laura Chenel goat cheese with homemade pesto on a mini flour tortilla. For drinks they have a Bloody Bloody Mary , Housemade infused imported Pinnacle vodka with Demitri’s All-Natural Bloody Mary Seasoning garnished with two jumbo prawns and Katy’s Naughty Lemonade, Smirnoff Raspberry with fresh squeezed Lemonade, Sierra Mist and Cranberry juice.

2. This Thursday!
Macy’s Great American Chef’s Tour, Kick off by Tom Douglas
“Macy’s Great American Chefs Tour” is embarking on a cross-country road trip, pairing the celebrity chefs of Macy’s Culinary Council with live cooking demonstrations, food tastings and a celebration of local culinary talent. MCC chef Tom Douglas kicks off the more than 15-city tour at Macy’s Downtown Seattle on Thursday, May 31. There are some amazing chefs involved and it is only $10.

3. Cafe Flora’s 20th Anniversary.

4. Evo Kitchen Tapas and Cabaret recently opened on East Olive Way. Check the calendar for details.

5. Corks and Canvas event at Pan Pacific Hotel. I am always looking for fun things to do with my girlfriends and though eating is always first on our list it is always refreshing to add another element to the evening. The Pan Pacific Hotel has these Corks & Canvas events where there are blank canvases for you to paint and an instructor or two to guide you while you paint your version of The Space Needle view. It is such an interesting concept paired with cocktails and Chef John Howie’s fabulous food.

Crumble & Flake bakery is the bakery that everyone is talking about lately. Oh and Autumn from Get Your Hotcakes opened a Molten Chocolate Cakery. Trust me that girl knows what she is doing.

And Foodportunity tickets are on sale now at the early bird price.

What did you do on the long weekend? What do you like to do in Seattle?

If you don’t have my book yet, now is a good time to map out your summer eating schedule. The Food Lovers’ Guide to Seattle is the guide to the best bakeries, restaurants and specialty shops in Seattle. Send me any questions by email about Seattle food too. I am happy to help.


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Seattle’s Hidden Treasure : The Art Institute of Seattle’s Portfolio Restaurant

Where do you find an unforgettable view and delicious food at a reasonable price created by the chefs of our future?

Portfolio Restaurant located on the 5th floor of the Art Institute of Seattle is a hidden treasure near the water. Beautiful views of Elliott Bay, white table cloths and fabulous food all come together harmoniously. Lead by Chef David Wynne, culinary students get to practice their trade and diners benefit from a 3 course dinner for $23 plus tax, a la carte is available as well. No tips allowed but donations to the scholarship fund are accepted (though not required). The menu is seasonal and local and Washington wines are available by the glass. If you want to learn the basics of wine tasting, call and ask about the wine tastings lead by Sommelier and Restaurant Manager Dieter Schafer where you can taste 6 wines for $12 on Friday evenings.

To make reservations, call Portfolio restaurant (206) 239 2363, 2600 Alaskan Way, Seattle, WA 98121. Note: The best time to come is at least a few days into the quarter when the students have gotten adjusted. Fall Quarter opens October 12 and continues to Friday, December 9.

For more about where to shop and eat as well as insider tips on the Seattle food scene, pick up a copy of my new book ” The Food Lovers’ Guide to Seattle.”

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Andaluca’s New Changes

I recently received some news about Andaluca, the romantic Spanish restaurant in downtown Seattle.

Andaluca will no longer be serving lunch but will continue to focus on dinner.

Craving lunch? No worries. Oliver’s Lounge and Bar, located in the same building, the Mayflower Park hotel will be serving some of the signature items from Andaluca.

Recent contestant on the food network’s Iron Chef America and executive Chef Wayne Johnson explains “I feel that by adjusting our hours, attention and creativity can be focused on our expanding dinner business.”

For more about Andaluca and Chef Wayne Johnson, click here

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A Visit to The Herbfarm

I believe that there is a time and place for every type of restaurant. Some days all I want is a massive burger and a shake but on other days, I want to be wooed, dazzled and spoiled. A visit to The Herbfarm, just a drive to Woodinville is like going to a private island where everyone knows your name.

A dear friend once told me that she lost her glasses at this restaurant and when she came back they were promptly perched on her plate. There is always someone to assist you, bring you a glass of wine or just lead you to the enchanted garden where you can actually feed the resident pigs. It almost feels like this kind of service doesn’t exist anymore but it does. And the thing about the Herbfarm is that you can get away with being pampered all night without feeling uncomfortable. It is not stuffy, everything seems natural and not having to worry about things like what to order and where to park (they have valet parking) is an experience on its own. I do suggest you make accommodations afterwards because if you are going to have wine with every course, you might as well let yourself go and finish the evening in one of the Herbfarm suites or at the Willows Lodge.

The night of this basil-themed dinner, I was already very pregnant. I had to give the usual ” I don’t eat ….” mantra. Luckily all this was taken care of advance with the confirmation phone call. I had nothing to worry about for every dish, if there was something raw in it, a substitution was handled and I never had to think twice. I wish I could have done the wine pairings with every course but the non-alcoholic pairings were definitely gratifying with infused herbs and so many selections.

The Herbfarm is where you take your lover or your friend that you haven’t seen in months, the course by course banquet is a reminder that you can sit and eat and engage in the art of conversation. The decisions are made for you, each plate a work of art and observing the wait staff is a symphony in itself.

Before you sit down to eat, join the garden tour where you will be educated on all types of herbs (a bonus lesson in botany) and take the time to feed the pigs, alternatively you can do that later during courses, when you are welcomed to step outside for some air and a little bit of nature. They even hand you a little feeding kit (yes, they have thought of everything!)

My long lost love other than food is getting all dolled up and I love wearing dresses but don’t be intimidated, the dress code is dressy casual, meaning don’t dress like a shlump but no need to dazzle it up with diamonds.

When you decide on when you want to go, log into the website to choose your theme. There are ideas like Indian Summer, Mycologist’s Dream, Uber Tuber and many more and these themes will further help you decide on when to go. In these photos are the Basil Banquet. For more about the Herbfarm visit here or follow Herbguy on twitter.

I had to start by sharing one of our desserts because I absolutely love this idea.

Little White Strawberry Hood: White Pineapple Strawberries and Hood Strawberry Gelee with Garden Cucumber-Lime Basil Sorbet.

For more about where to eat in Seattle, pick up a copy of my new book ” The Food Lovers’ Guide to Seattle”.


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The List- Getting Through the Seattle Food Scene One Bite at a Time

You can find it all here in Seattle.
Where does one start? I put together this short list. This is just the beginning. Use this as a primer to get you through the first steps (more to come). This is not meant to be an all-inclusive trip into the Seattle Food Scene, rather a stepping stone into a city of eclectic fare. Here are some experiences to start with.

This post is part of a Gilt Contest to welcome Gilt City to Seattle, Get on the VIP list.

photo credit: Jackie Donnely Baisa

1. Try a Tom Douglas Restaurant. Chef Tom Douglas has been making sure to fulfill Seattle’s cravings for years, coming up with creative takes on Northwest Ingredients and making the food scene his personal playground.
What you will find: Consistency, great service and high quality ingredients. What are you craving? For Seafood, there is Etta’s, For Italian, don’t miss Cuoco and for coconut cream pies, Dahlia Bakery. My first choice, Serious Pie, where Northwest Ingredients meet the perfect pizza crust; lightly crispy on the edges and soft and delicate on the inside.

2. Don’t call it molecular gastronomy. The name doesn’t matter, what you want is food that is playful and creative, a new type of cuisine where science alters the food sending your palate on a tasting adventure. Find it at Spur or Bisato .

3. Pike Place Market. This is just a reminder that the center for all things beautiful and food-related happens to be in our backyard.

4. Melrose Market. One -stop shopping in a dreamy building. Get your cheese from an intimate cheese shop, your meat from an artisan butcher and a farm- to-table dinner at Sitka and Spruce. There is more but you will have to go there to find it.

5. The tale of two sandwiches, Paseo and Salumi. Paseo. Instructions: Place this messy, juices-flowing Cuban sandwich of goodness in your mouth. You won’t rest between bites. Salumi. Reserve your space in line at Salumi. Actually, call in advance and order your sandwich to bypass the line. This most-talked about cured meats haven will give you a taste of Italy and impress your friends (take some home and make a plate for your next dinner party).

6. Experience Korean- French Fusion at Joule. Be ready to be surprised. (Update: Joule is moving but Revel, the Korean comfort food restaurant by the same owners is equally wonderful!)

7. Poppy is where you will find a Northwest tasting menu with an Indian flair. Do not skip dessert at this one.

8. Vietnamese at Long Provincial. What is it that makes you long for more? Great Vietnamese food in the middle of downtown.

9. Try the combination of simple Northwest Ingredients with fresh made pasta at one the Ethan Stowell Restaurants.

10. Special Occasions at Rovers. Dine course by course a la French culture.

Hey, this was just a teaser. More food information can be found in my new book “Food Lovers Guide to Seattle” or just come to my launch party and try some more of my favorites like Olivar, Volunteer Park Cafe and Blackboard Bistro.


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