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Seattle Food Bloggers Team up to Bake for Share Our Strength

Local Food Bloggers to Participate
in Great American Bake Sale
for “Share Our Strength”

9:30 Am to Noon
at Uptown Metropolitan Market
100 Mercer St, Seattle

(You see this? This was made by Megan from NotMartha last year. Just a taste of what’s to come! photo credit: Megan Reardon.)

I am getting together the Seattle Food Bloggers to raise money for Share Our Strength. Last year was a huge success! Come eat, meet and mingle with the bloggers! And stock up on desserts for the week. Gluten-free and Nut -Free options will be available.

The sale by Seattle food bloggers—one of dozens nationwide—will take place at the Uptown Metropolitan Market on Lower Queen Anne on Saturday morning, May 14th, from 9:30 AM until noon.

The national effort to involve bloggers in the Great American Bake Sale was spearheaded by Gaby Dalkin, a personal chef in Los Angeles and author of a blog called

All funds raised through the event support Share Our Strength’s efforts to end childhood hunger in America by helping fund after-school and summer nutrition programs. 14.1 million children in America live in poverty. That’s 5.5% more than a year ago. (For a four-person family, that means getting by on less than $420 a week.)

Here are some of the bloggers and the list is updated all the time, so keep checking back! If you are not here and are baking, please send me an email.

Shauna James Ahern from Gluten- Free Girl and the Chef
Megan Reardon from Not Martha.
Desiree Kazda from Life’s Ambrosia
Jean From The Art of Gluten-free Baking
Linda from Saltyseattle
Rita Pellegrini from Pink Bites
Scott Heidminger from Seattle Food Geek
Ann Scranton from Sugar and Wool
Leslie Seaton from Fresh Picked Seattle
Paula Thomas from Mirror
Susan Pierson Brown from Mercer and Sage
Mina Williams, from Northwest Stir
Mikaela Cowles from Baguette Taste-Wonder Bread Budget
Nazila Merati from Flora and Flying
Tamara Sellman from Buzz Food
Loren Leong from
Fumiko- Kurose-Bretzke from Prune Kitchen
Chelsea Lin from PostBox
Stacey Kowalchuk from What the Cupcake?
Jaqueline Pruner from Heed the Hedonist
Emme Ribeiro from Food Samba
Carol Richardson Marty from Sugar Sand Photography
Alex Wu from Yums and Loves
Juliette Cook from Juliette Cook Photography.
Carol Peterman from Tablefare
Julie A. Hubert from The Joyful Kitchen
Alli Shircliff from an Open Cookbook
Dawn Klinghoffer from First, Look, Then Cook.
Sarah Dapcevitch from The Sated Palate

A big thank you goes to Metropolitan Market for hosting us again this year again!


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Upcoming Events in Seattle Food

So many great events are coming up. More events added!

1.  Tonight, a wine tasting on Bainbridge Island

2.  New York Times Columnist, Melissa Clark is coming to Seattle on October 13, Rene Redzepi, chef and owner of  NOMA on October 5 and Dianne Morgan, author of  “Gifts Cook’s Love”on October 19.  Many more book events at Kim Ricketts book events.

2. The James Beard Celebrity Chef tour is coming to Seattle on October 8.

3.  The annual “Eat my Words” event will be held in Portland on October 2.  Meet local authors and get tips on food writing, recipe testing and more.

4.  Read about Ethan Stowell’s new cookbook here

5.  Lamb Jamb, the lamb extravanza coming to Seattle on October 24.

6. Feast at the Market is an amazing event and opportunity on October 5.

7.  Author, Mark Leslie of  “Beyond the Pasta” is coming to Seattle for Festa Italiana on September 25.  Don’t miss him!

8. The Greek festival is this weekend.

9.  The Pike Place Market Artisan Festival is this weekend.

10. Mobile Chowdown on Oct.1.

I had a wonderful time at my Foodportunity event in Portland.  Thank you to the Heathman Restaurant and Bar, Broussard Hill, Jeffrey Kingman from Chalkboarder,  Mary Ochiltree, Peter Sessum, Felice Lam,the restaurants and everyone for coming and supporting. Photos coming soon from the talented Angela Boykins.

Check out the write-ups with photos at Byron Beck and  Daily Blender.

photo credit


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Seattle Food Blogger Event with Kathy Casey and Lorna Yee

A couple of weeks ago, I organized another Seattle Food Blogger event at Kathy Casey Studios.   Kathy generously offered to host the Seattle Food Bloggers at her beautiful studio. This event was a party for Kathy Casey’s Sips and Apps and Lorna Yee’s The Newlywed Kitchen. The amazingly talented Valentina Vitols took the photos.

Kathy Casey invited us to her sassy studios and spoiled us with appetizers and cocktails from her newest book, “Sips and Aps”. I love her recipe for Roasted Pear Crostini with Gorgonzola. I have a huge amount of admiration for Kathy, she has written many books and done so much for the food and cocktail world in Seattle and all over the world. Here is her website which will tell you more about the Kathy Casey world and all the wonderful things she does. Do not miss her recap on the event.

Lorna Yee,  The Cookbook Chronicles made sweet desserts such as the Candy bar cupcakes from her book,” The Newlywed Kitchen” which she wrote with Ali Basye.  That book  has recipes for Newlyweds that cook together and features stories and photos of couples cooking together.  Michael from Herbivoracious posted the recipe for the zucchini fritters that are really tasty, check out his blog.

In addition to great food and cocktails, Kathy set up a date for all of us with Corky Luster of Ballard Bee Company to witness live bees in her backyard. Paula Thomas tells the story on her blog.

Before I show you some of the photos, Here is a link to some of  my other Seattle Food Blogger events. My next big event is coming up on August 2nd and it is open to food bloggers, chefs, food companies, restaurant people and all food passionate people. Details here

Kathy Casey welcoming us with some drinks.

The three of us: Myself, Kathy Casey and Lorna Yee

Valentina Vitols and Lorna Yee

Dana from Dana Treat and Luvuu ( the videographer who makes videos that really tell a story)

Thank You Kathy Casey and all your wonderful staff, Lorna yee, Corky Luster, Valentina Vitols and all the Seattle Food Bloggers for making this a special evening.

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Recap of the Last Couple Months

With so much happening in the last few months, I decided that a recap was in order. First, Memorial Day is coming up this weekend and here are some ideas for things to do.

The big news is that I was named “Doer of the Week” by Martha

On April 17th, I organized the Seattle Food Blogger Bakesale.  We made 641 dollars to benefit ” Share our Strength”.

That same day, I organized a Seattle Food Blogger Event with Ree Drummond, The Pioneer Woman. Photo below by Valentina Vitols.

Then I went on my first vacation away from my little baby/toddler.  I presented  two sessions at IACP on the topic of Creating Community, Both Online and In Person .

The International Association of Culinary Professionals (IACP) is a worldwide forum for the development and exchange of information, knowledge, and inspiration within the professional food and beverage community. With nearly 3,000 members from more than 32 countries, this organization of creative and talented professionals is engaged in and committed to excellence in the food industry.
The conference was held in Portland. The conference was well -organized and informative with endless networking opportunities. I highly recommend you check it out next year and consider joining IACP.
I recently organized a Seattle Food Blogger Event with Mireille Guillano, author of the ” French Women Don’t Get Fat” cookbook. Here is the post
Photo by Jackie Donnely Baisa
My last event was a Foodportunity Expression Workshop with Dianne Jacob, author of  “Will Write For Food”. The event was held at the Fairmont Olympic Hotel and sponsored by The Greek Gods Yogurt and Viv Agave (photos coming soon).
Sur La Table also showcased their new book “Eating Local” at the event.
Upcoming Events:
I will be a mentor at the Crave Symposium, an all day think-tank extravaganza. Details here. I am honored to be mentioned with such an eclectic group of savvy business women.
Save the date for the next Foodportunity Networking event coming up on August 2nd. What’s a Foodportunity? Check out this video of the last event.


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Seattle Food Blogger Event with Mireille Guillano, Author of “French Women Don’t Get Fat”.

Last week I organized a Seattle Food Blogger event with author,  Mireille Guillano, of the “French Women Don’t Get Fat Cookbook“.   We all met on a Monday morning for a Q and A with Mireille at Muse Coffee. I love the Muse, the decor is clean and modern, the art changes all the time and the chill atmosphere is a great place to get things done.

Mireille is  sweet, classy and very much a madame.  She is also a savvy business woman. What a great combination. She was on tour promoting her new book ” The French Women Don’t Get Fat Cookbook”. The photos are by Jackie Donnely Baisa.

Read what Cornichon thinks about Mireille in his post, Mireille Guillano Eats for Pleasure, Doesn’t Get Fat. Nurit of Family, Friendly, Food wrote Inspiration, French Women Don’t Get Fat author.

Mireille Guillano

The Seattle Food Bloggers Asking Questions

I love the Muse Coffee in the morning

Waking up to my coffee.

Mireille and I chatting before the bloggers arrive. Yes, I do talk with my hands.

Ronald Holden of


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Martha Stewart’s Dreamers into Doers, ” Doer of the Week”

I have some exciting news. Really exciting news.  I have been named “Doer of the Week” by the Martha Stewart’s Dreamers into Doers. Thank you Alexis and Martha Stewart Ominimedia for making my year.  Here is the newsletter below.  To see more of my photos from events, click to the dreamers gallery.

For photos of my last Seattle Food Blogger event with The Pioneer Woman, click here.


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Seattle Food Bloggers Team Up to Benefit Share Our Strength

In the years, putting together the Seattle Food Blogger events (since the end of 2007) and since the beginning of Foodportunity , I have come to know so many people and so many bloggers. It’s amazing to hang out with people who have a passion for food and even more amazing to see how bloggers can come together to support the community. When I heard about the national Food Blogger Bake Sale, I knew I had to get Seattle together for this.

All this is part of a National Food Blogger Bake Sale lead by Gaby Dalkin of What’s Gaby Cooking? She had a vision of having a food blogger bake sale in every city and her dream is becoming a reality. Go Gaby!

So here are the details of the Seattle Food Blogger Bake Sale.

We will make sure to have a large variety of baked goods from Seattle’s blogger entourage. The Metropolitan Market Uptown generously offered us their space and the bloggers will be offering the recipes to take home with the cookies. There is also free parking for bake sale shoppers.
Funds raised through Great American Bake Sale support Share Our Strength’s efforts to end childhood hunger in America.


When: April 17, 2010
10:am -12:pm

Metropolitan Market Uptown
100 Mercer Street
(free parking available)

What: Cookies, Cakes and baked goods made by Seattle food bloggers
Recipes will be available too.

Nearly 17 million— almost one in four—children in America face hunger. Despite the good efforts of governments, private-sector institutions and everyday Americans, millions of our children still don’t have daily access to the nutritious meals they need to live active, healthy lives. More information on SOS can be found at Share Our Strength.

Seattle’s Food Bloggers
(More to come)
Gluten-Free Girl
Not Martha
Fresh Picked Seattle
A half
Pink Bites
Salty Seattle
Bring to Boil
The Old Hen
Northwest Stir
Dana Treat
The Flying Salmon
Seattle Weekly
Chelsea Lin, City Search Editor

Help forreadersandwriters


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