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Recap of the Last Couple Months

With so much happening in the last few months, I decided that a recap was in order. First, Memorial Day is coming up this weekend and here are some ideas for things to do.

The big news is that I was named “Doer of the Week” by Martha

On April 17th, I organized the Seattle Food Blogger Bakesale.  We made 641 dollars to benefit ” Share our Strength”.

That same day, I organized a Seattle Food Blogger Event with Ree Drummond, The Pioneer Woman. Photo below by Valentina Vitols.

Then I went on my first vacation away from my little baby/toddler.  I presented  two sessions at IACP on the topic of Creating Community, Both Online and In Person .

The International Association of Culinary Professionals (IACP) is a worldwide forum for the development and exchange of information, knowledge, and inspiration within the professional food and beverage community. With nearly 3,000 members from more than 32 countries, this organization of creative and talented professionals is engaged in and committed to excellence in the food industry.
The conference was held in Portland. The conference was well -organized and informative with endless networking opportunities. I highly recommend you check it out next year and consider joining IACP.
I recently organized a Seattle Food Blogger Event with Mireille Guillano, author of the ” French Women Don’t Get Fat” cookbook. Here is the post
Photo by Jackie Donnely Baisa
My last event was a Foodportunity Expression Workshop with Dianne Jacob, author of  “Will Write For Food”. The event was held at the Fairmont Olympic Hotel and sponsored by The Greek Gods Yogurt and Viv Agave (photos coming soon).
Sur La Table also showcased their new book “Eating Local” at the event.
Upcoming Events:
I will be a mentor at the Crave Symposium, an all day think-tank extravaganza. Details here. I am honored to be mentioned with such an eclectic group of savvy business women.
Save the date for the next Foodportunity Networking event coming up on August 2nd. What’s a Foodportunity? Check out this video of the last event.


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Seattle Food Blogger Event with Mireille Guillano, Author of “French Women Don’t Get Fat”.

Last week I organized a Seattle Food Blogger event with author,  Mireille Guillano, of the “French Women Don’t Get Fat Cookbook“.   We all met on a Monday morning for a Q and A with Mireille at Muse Coffee. I love the Muse, the decor is clean and modern, the art changes all the time and the chill atmosphere is a great place to get things done.

Mireille is  sweet, classy and very much a madame.  She is also a savvy business woman. What a great combination. She was on tour promoting her new book ” The French Women Don’t Get Fat Cookbook”. The photos are by Jackie Donnely Baisa.

Read what Cornichon thinks about Mireille in his post, Mireille Guillano Eats for Pleasure, Doesn’t Get Fat. Nurit of Family, Friendly, Food wrote Inspiration, French Women Don’t Get Fat author.

Mireille Guillano

The Seattle Food Bloggers Asking Questions

I love the Muse Coffee in the morning

Waking up to my coffee.

Mireille and I chatting before the bloggers arrive. Yes, I do talk with my hands.

Ronald Holden of


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Martha Stewart’s Dreamers into Doers, ” Doer of the Week”

I have some exciting news. Really exciting news.  I have been named “Doer of the Week” by the Martha Stewart’s Dreamers into Doers. Thank you Alexis and Martha Stewart Ominimedia for making my year.  Here is the newsletter below.  To see more of my photos from events, click to the dreamers gallery.

For photos of my last Seattle Food Blogger event with The Pioneer Woman, click here.


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Seattle Food Bloggers Team Up to Benefit Share Our Strength

In the years, putting together the Seattle Food Blogger events (since the end of 2007) and since the beginning of Foodportunity , I have come to know so many people and so many bloggers. It’s amazing to hang out with people who have a passion for food and even more amazing to see how bloggers can come together to support the community. When I heard about the national Food Blogger Bake Sale, I knew I had to get Seattle together for this.

All this is part of a National Food Blogger Bake Sale lead by Gaby Dalkin of What’s Gaby Cooking? She had a vision of having a food blogger bake sale in every city and her dream is becoming a reality. Go Gaby!

So here are the details of the Seattle Food Blogger Bake Sale.

We will make sure to have a large variety of baked goods from Seattle’s blogger entourage. The Metropolitan Market Uptown generously offered us their space and the bloggers will be offering the recipes to take home with the cookies. There is also free parking for bake sale shoppers.
Funds raised through Great American Bake Sale support Share Our Strength’s efforts to end childhood hunger in America.


When: April 17, 2010
10:am -12:pm

Metropolitan Market Uptown
100 Mercer Street
(free parking available)

What: Cookies, Cakes and baked goods made by Seattle food bloggers
Recipes will be available too.

Nearly 17 million— almost one in four—children in America face hunger. Despite the good efforts of governments, private-sector institutions and everyday Americans, millions of our children still don’t have daily access to the nutritious meals they need to live active, healthy lives. More information on SOS can be found at Share Our Strength.

Seattle’s Food Bloggers
(More to come)
Gluten-Free Girl
Not Martha
Fresh Picked Seattle
A half
Pink Bites
Salty Seattle
Bring to Boil
The Old Hen
Northwest Stir
Dana Treat
The Flying Salmon
Seattle Weekly
Chelsea Lin, City Search Editor

Help forreadersandwriters


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Foodportunity and More

photo by Nate Naismith

It’s been a while.  I used to be able to squeeze in more coffee breaks with my friends. Long gone are the days when I could take Baby E with me everywhere I go. I am enjoying this new waddler time, don’t get me wrong.  It’s just that things have changed.  Bringing him out for coffee would result in too many cookies and a need for earplugs.  So friends, here is a little about what I am doing now. And I apologize if we haven’t met for coffee.

Foodportunity  March 22nd. The networking event that connects Seattle food bloggers, restaurateurs, chefs, food companies, pr companies and all food passionate people. Check out the website here.

Save the Date: May 22nd Foodportunity Expression Writing with Dianne Jacob. Yes, you know the book “Will Write for Food”. It’s that book that everyone who blogs or writes has read at one point in their life. THE BOOK.  Dianne Jacob is coming to teach a full day Foodportunity workshop here in Seattle.  I recommend that you check out her blog because she does a wonderful job at writing posts about the issues that food bloggers deal with every day. The comments are just as entertaining as her posts.

International Society of Africans in Wine Fundraiser: I am the media coordinator for Seattle . That means I get to connect the Seattle ‘s Food Bloggers to drink wine and spread the word about the event. They are having a Drink Well, Do Good Tour where they will be doing a benefit concert in Seattle.  In Seattle, the concert will be held on Sunday April 25th at Chop Suey with some great bands including Chicago Afrobeat Project ($12). More Details Coming Soon. You can watch this video for more information about ISAW.

Great American Bake Sale: Gaby from What’s Cooking is organizing a national food blogger bake sale. I am the  coordinator for Washington’s Food Blogger Bake Sale.   This means that you will get to try baked goods made with love by Seattle’s beloved food bloggers. All the proceeds go to Share our Strength.  If you are a food blogger who wants to participate, contact me by email:

Sign up for my mailing list for more information about my events.

Post about the job you are looking for, your company or just start food networking on my bulletin board for free.

And because every post ends better on a sweet note, I will be judging Cupcake Camp. Yes, I will be able to eat endless amounts of cupcakes. More frosting please.

Frantic as always,

The Frantic Foodie


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Meet the Food Bloggers, Becky Selengut

One of my resolutions for my blog is that I find more time to write. My son just turned one and it’s kind of like the no-more-excuses time.  I am very fortunate to have crossed paths with so many food bloggers and would like to share the wealth . Of course if I feature a blogger, I feel like a recipe is definitely part of the package. No better way to get to know someone then to try their food. By the way, enter my contest and you can win a $25 gift card at, last chance.

Chef Becky 

This week , let’s meet Chef Becky A.K.A Chef Reinvented.

What is it about her?  She is snarky, funny, sarcastic and an extremely talented writer.   She just passed on her website Seasonal Cornucopia to Patricia and John Eddy of Cook local which is a smart move since they are hard-working and very talented bloggers themselves.  Chef Becky has new book in the works which she is working on with her partner April on sustainable Seafood ( April’s doing the wine pairings).  Chef Reinvented also teaches cooking classes at P.C.C and is also a personal chef. She is the co-author of a  book  called ” The  Washington Local and Seasonal Cookbook”. A great resource for easy, seasonal recipes. You can find Becky’s blog here.

 When I asked her for a recipe, this is what she gave me. She also added a little note.

2 notes on that recipe:  great with cilantro, and don’t sub low-fat or non-fat  yogurt (makes the sauce separate)  This really made me laugh because it seems like she knows me too well. I never go out of my way to buy things that I need for a recipe, so I am glad she added this extra note. The recipe is from her P.C.C class.

Indian-Style Braised Chicken With Apricots And Yogurt


 1 tbsp butter — unsalted
 1 tbsp vegetable oil
 ¼ cup chopped shallot
 1 ½ lbs chicken thighs
 ¼ tsp mustard seeds
 1 tsp ground fenugreek
 ½ tsp red chile flakes
 1 tsp garam masala
 10  dried apricots — cut into small dice
 ¼ cup red wine vinegar
 1 tbsp honey
 2 cup chicken stock
 1 cup whole fat yogurt ( ½ cup reserved for garnish)
 ¼ cup toasted pistachios — ground to a chunky powder (for garnish)


Preheat the oven to 300 degrees. Heat the butter and vegetable oil in a medium oven proof skillet. Add the shallot and chicken thighs and cook until the chicken browns well on one side. Turn the chicken pieces over, add the mustard seed, fenugreek, red chile flakes, garam masala, apricots, red wine vinegar and honey and cook for 5 minutes until the vinegar reduces. Whisk together chicken stock and ½ cup of the yogurt, then add to pan, bring to a simmer, cover and cook in the oven until thighs are cooked through, about 45 minutes to 1 hour.  Garnish with pistachios and serve extra yogurt on the side.

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Steamy Kitchen Meets Seattle Food Bloggers

My blog has officially moved from Blogspot to WordPress. Thank you to everyone for the encouragement and the nudging. I hope you enjoy my new look.

All Photos by ValentinaVitols.

The last Seattle Food Blogger event was a food blogger party with Jaden Hair from Steamy Kitchen.  I first met Jaden when she was here for the IFBC. Somehow we got connected via twitter and  since I was throwing a blogger event for Ruth Reichl , having  Jaden and Elise from Simply Recipes  join us was such a pleasure.  They were a little late because they made a detour so they could take pictures with an underwear model. Read about it here.

When I found out  that Jaden would be here to promote her new cookbook, The Steamy Kitchen Cookbook:: 101 Asian Recipes Simple Enough for Tonight’s Dinner, I knew I had to round-up the bloggers for a chat  with the blogosphere’s steamiest blogger.

The event was held at Bustle, a sweet new cafe that opened in the Queen Anne Neighborhood just a few months ago.  The owners are super sweet and  the cafe has a nice cozy feel.


Jaden Talking to the Bloggers

I asked the bloggers to bring their signature dishes and Jaden chose her favorites. The winners of the best recipes were Sonja’s Kitchen with her Swedish cookies and Seattle Food Geek with his compound butters.

Cookies from Sonja's Kitchen

Butters by Seattle Food Geek

Jaden took the time to really get to know the bloggers and answer all their questions. Everyone wanted to know how Jaden turned her blog into a career.  When you meet Jaden, you understand instantly why she is such a success. She is incredibly charismatic, a hard worker and full of energy. She shared her thoughts on blogging, the blog world and how she got started.

The event was sponsored by Regional Best. Marsha Cade and Caragh Whalen founded and launched in July, 2008 to support small producers who champion local foods and flavors.  I really appreciate the fact that they are moms and what they are doing.    They are passionate about good food, real ingredients, fair trade, and sustainable agriculture.  Check out their website and find a whole list of food products. They even have gluten-free options.

I am giving away 2 (yes, 2 chances to win) $25 dollar gift certificates to shop online.  I will choose the winners on the morning of  Sunday, December 6 th. Leave a comment telling me which blogger has motivated you and how.

All photos in this post are by the lovely Valentina Vitols and her hubby Ryan. Check out her upcoming photo session in photo below. Also, for more about my food blogger event with Jaden, check out the mention in Seattle Metropolitan.


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