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  • A Vacation in Seattle with Kids

    I really needed a break. I really needed some sun and most of all, I wanted some time with the family, unplugged, away from it all. Things are a little too busy to fly anywhere but I truly believe that life is what you make of it. And you can definitely find the simple pleasures…

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  • Food As Art

    A great event for a great cause!

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  • Tom Douglas Brings it On

    When Serious Pie opened in South Lake Union just a short while ago, it was great news for the pizza scene, the same apple wood -fired pizza topped with all those creative combinations in a roomier atmosphere minus the queue (at some times of the day). At around the same time, Dahlia Workshop opened up,…

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  • Foodcaching Launch Party and Vote for the Chef in the Hat!

    I will be rooting for the Chef in the Hat this week in a competition for the Foodcaching Launch Party. There are several teams participating and the winner will get a 1000 dollars to donate to their charity of choice. The Chef in the Hat’s donation will go to Food Lifeline.if he wins. So we…

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  • Seattle Chocolate Salon

    I want to tell you about a really nice event that I have enjoyed for a few years now. The Seattle Chocolate Salon. This year I am going to be the keynote speaker at the event. It is the ultimate chocolate festival. Where you can sample as much chocolate as you can fit in your…

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  • Cochon 555, Seattle

    Winter is playing tricks on us here, the sun comes out for a few days and then the next day it rains like there is no tomorrow. My last Foodportunity event was almost two weeks ago and I am already planning for my next one in Portland on March 7. Want to come for a…

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  • Valentine’s Day Dance Party

    LOVE STINKS , A Disfunctional Valentine’s Day Party Live dance music all night long from one of SeaMonster Lounge’s favorite bands, Funky 2 Death.  Wine makers will be on hand to pour you their delicious wine to give you that Valentine’s Day glow and Tom Douglas Catering will create cheesy bites to fill your stomach.…

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  • Crave Seattle Book

    One of the ways I stay motivated is by hanging out with other business women. It’s liberating and motivating to share your business hardships and successes with women in the same boat. Sharing experience is a part of the learning process. One of the most influential women that I know in Seattle is Melody Biringer, the…

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  • My Picks for the Week

    Join me in the Pike Place Market for a fruit festival, check out the Seattle Square and don’t miss local foodie, Linda M. Nicholson representing Seattle on Masterchef. Pick 1:  Sunday, July 25. Pike Place Market Fruit Festival. There will be activities for the whole family and I will be judging a live, iron chef competition…

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  • Shuksan Strawberries

    This is a guest post by my dear friend Andrea Duchon. She writes for various outlets such as Seattle Couples Examiner.  She has been  working as an assistant to Jon Rowley with many Shuksan strawberry related events . I thought it would be great for her to explain why there is so much buzz around this…

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