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  • So you think comics are innocent. Wrong! Kawaii not is not the kind you would want your kids to see. Actually they wouldn’t understand. Hardcore comic for adults. There are so many too choose from so I chose a few that I thought were cute in a scary kind of way. I found this via…

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  • Anthony Bourdain- Kitchen Confidential – Book Review

    You can tell by the the opening sentence that Bourdain has to remind us that he loves his job. ” Don’t get me wrong , I love the restaurant business”.My initial response after reading this book is that either he is a really bitter person or he really despises the kitchen world. This book is…

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  • So Easy to Please Mahimahi Yesterday my fiance and I were a bit sick. Our noses were stuffed and our energy was zapped. I wanted to make something to eat that was fairly healthy and that required minimum effort. I took out some mahimahi fish from the freezer. I brushed it with hoisin sauce and…

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  • Doughnut PeachesMy substitution for those Krispy Kreme doughnuts that make your stomach do pirouettes and your face pop like firecrackers. Read more about them in my other blog.

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