Frantic Foodie is the place to keep up -to- date with Seattle food events, food gossip, food recommendations, recipes and everything else about the food world.

My name is Keren Brown. Keren with 2  “E”s. I write about food, events and connecting people. I am a mom to a magical 3 year old boy and twin 10 month old babies . I own my own company, Keren Brown Media. I  put together events that educate and  connect Seattle’s food world. More about my events can be found here.

When I moved to Seattle I didn’t know a soul except my boyfriend. (I’m happy to say he is now my husband!). I didn’t have a toe in the Seattle food world, but I have always loved food and, lacking much of a social thread, I spent my time cooking at home more I thought then, “If I am going to do this, I am going to do this right,” soI signed up for every cooking class in the city, started stalking supermarkets and volunteered at every event that involved food culture in some way. I was cooking more and spending all of my free time surrounded by foodies – life was great.
I started this blog so I could chronicle my daily food adventures, restaurant reviews and restaurant news. Behind the blog, I started the Seattle
Food Bloggers, a group for bloggers to meet and mingle. I connected with people in the industry and made many friends. Networking and connecting people camenaturally to me and I thrived off of making awesome food connections. Before Iknew it, Foodportunity was born as the ultimate social networking event for anyone interested in food. A line of sold out networking events connected everyone in the food industry from chefs to restaurant writers, sometimes for the first time. I watched magic happen.

My first book, Food Lovers’ Guide to Seattle, was published in 2011, I published it after dining at over 400 restaurants, bakeries and specialty shops over a period of 3 and half months, all the while raising my family. I have had the fortune of celebrating openings of restaurants and mourning the loss of favorite food establishments. Most inspiring of all, I was able to pick the brains of chefs and restaurateurs. I helped in the front of the house, waited tables, prepped in the back and pitched in with administrative tasks. I learned what works and what doesn’t. I have a busy mind and I’m most happy when I’m doing something at all times. I thrive on activity and inhale social media to stay on top of the food scene. On any given day I am changing diapers, baking cookies with my 3-year old, visiting three bakeries and a restaurant, and most likely also talking a friend out of their Seattle-weather-bad-mood. I like to relate to different types of people. I can rock high heels with a cute little dress or just as easily put on a chef’s coat with a ponytail. I’m just as happy connecting with a homeless person on the corner as I am with celebrity chefs. That is just who I am . I know how to talk to people. I am direct. I tell people what they need to know. My friends joke that I should be living in New York because I say what I think (always) and have a propensity for taking cabs.

10 responses to “About

  1. Hi there,
    My husband and I opened Foodies Drive Thru Grocery and Espresso. I don’t totally understand social media or what you do, though I’m trying. You seem like you’re doing good in the world. I’d love to chat.
    Aureole (206) 909-1110

  2. Fun bio! I also love the connections that come from food in relationships, but also how we connect with it. It can teach us so much!

  3. Bio’s are so hard to write, you did a wonderful job! Glad I found you in the blog world!

  4. sdata

    I didn’t see you listed on the Martha Stewart website. Can you provide a link to your award of Doer of the Week?

  5. Anton Coleman

    It was such a pleasure to have you at the media event at East Olive Way Starbucks. You can follow me on twitter: @ColemanAnton

    I would love to get a copy of that great book of yours too!
    Look forward to having you back at Olive Way!

    Anton Coleman

  6. Ciao Keren! I just stumbled upon your blog and and I really like your approach. As a fellow Seattle-area foodie, I appreciate the events info and book reviews you provide and I look forward to reading and learning more from your posts. Thanks for being a doer and sharing your energy!
    Buon appetito,

  7. Stacy Whitman

    Keren with 2 “E”s — Love the new bio! My only question is, when do you rest? :-)

  8. Lots of good energy in your bio, like in person. Nice to meet you today at Jeff Pulver’s breakfast in Tel Aviv.

  9. sackoff

    You are so talented and a serious hottie!!

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