Day 2: Foodportunity Resolutions Challenge and Giveaway! Win a $50 Gift Card to Gilt City

Today is the second day of the Foodportunity Resolutions Challenge. The winner of yesterday’s contest will be announced later today. Update: The winner is Aubrey Bach!

Day 2: The second giveaway is a $50 gift card to Gilt City!

Resolution 2: Find time to dine local and support the food scene. If you don’t know Gilt, then this is your chance to find out about exclusive events and parties as well as clothes and everything else for women, men, children and the home. Currently my obsession! This gift card is for Gilt City and here is an exclusive invitation.

And before I continue. Foodportunity tickets are still on sale. Tickets sell out for this event so if you intend to go then don’t miss it. It is THE networking event for everyone food-related. Lots of food, chefs and networking for $25. Now go get your tickets. More information at . And Metropolitan Market is the main sponsor so that means that there will be lots of goodies and another Metropolitan Market gift card giveaway coming up in a few days.

Now for this contest!
Win a $50 gift card to Gilt City. Winner will be chosen tomorrow afternoon. Don’t forget to share information about the next Foodportunity event, tickets here.

The contest! We want to know your resolutions and help you get there. Every day for 7 days, we will be giving away something that will spoil you. The catch, baby steps. You need to have one goal each day and keep it. Then, it is your reward. The prizes will be gift cards, books, dinners and other fun rewards.

photo credit:Jackie Donnely Baisa

How do you enter?

1) Leave a comment on the daily post for one entry.
2) Tweet the contest out and leave another comment letting us know for an additional entry. (Just say, I tweeted) Use Hashtag #foodprt
3) Facebook it and let us know (3 entries)
4) Tell a friend about the Foodportunity event. The more friends you tell, the more entries. (Email us at letting us know who you told , just a first name and why you think they would be interested)

The winner will be chosen by random number generator daily. Check the post the day after by 5pm and see if you won. If you won, email us your information and we will send the prize your way (

photo credit: Jackie Donnely Baisa

photo by Nate Naismith


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34 responses to “Day 2: Foodportunity Resolutions Challenge and Giveaway! Win a $50 Gift Card to Gilt City

  1. Resolutions this year? More home cooking, loose a few pounds, volunteer every quarter at a local non-profit and enjoy my new home! I’m tweeting the contest (and LOVE Guilt City!)

  2. I’m working on eating more whole foods and fresh fruits and vegetables. I bought a juicer and signed up to receive a CSA box. I’m looking for restaurants that feature whole foods and fresh options!

  3. Maggie

    i’m hoping to do yoga twice a week!

  4. So far I’ve started exercising this year, and hopefully will keep it up:)

  5. Amanda S.

    My resolution is to cut out pop.

  6. Amanda S.

    I tweeted!

  7. Desiree

    Dedicate more time to reading and less internet browsing, and do more intensive workouts instead of easy options.

  8. Laura

    my goal is to be more financially responsible!

  9. posting here – and I tweeted!

  10. Supporting the local food scene is so important….my resolution is to seek out at a local restaurant who uses local ingredients twice a month.

  11. I tweeted #foodprt. My first Resolution is to blog 3 times a week in the new year, which is an important step towards getting my blog redesigned and relaunched in the new year. I’ve been working with a few people over the past month and I’m very much looking forward to it going live in Jan!

  12. I tweeted the contest as well. #foodprt

  13. trying a brand new recipe once per week!

  14. I tweeted! And Facebooked (kat3hill)

  15. I do eat out quite often – (more than my budget can afford sometimes!) – there’s TOO MUCH good food in our neighborhoos! What a problem to have! I’m going to be focusing more on cutting out sugar – it’s going to be very hard. :(

  16. Kristin Downing

    To dine in restaurants taht I have never been to before, starting Thursday at wd-50 in NYC! Lose those last 5-7 pounds that have been hanging around by training for a 1/2 marathon and some triathlons.

  17. Rhoda

    I am going to make a “green drink” everyday to begin a healthier year. I am going to post on Facebook!

  18. hillary hubacker

    Well, I cooked at home two days in a row! That’s actually a really great goal accomplishment for me. ;)

  19. hillary hubacker

    Oh, and I tweeted. but I’m hoping too many more people don’t comment. ;)

  20. Cheryl Stumbo

    Starting on Day Two!

  21. I’m not big on resolutions – but I do have a goal to get to the gym at least 3 times a week! Hope I can keep it :-)

  22. Maria (@wineandswine)

    I resoluted to read more. Kindle acquired, now to load up with eBooks!

  23. Maria (@wineandswine)

    I tweeted!

  24. Aileen Ly

    My resolution this year is to eat better which will lead to a better lifestyle and weightloss.

  25. Aileen Ly

    I tweeted #foodprt (@aileen206)

  26. Kalyn

    Volunteer/give to more non-profits, limit buying lunch to once a week, and use all my alloted vacation time.

  27. Kalyn

    I tweeted this too!

  28. Julia

    my resolution is to go to Croatia this year and indulge in the local food once there

  29. Stick to my workouts; do a little exercise every day, even if it’s just short bursts of activity!

  30. Julia

    saute and eat more veggies

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