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This weekend is Canvolution

This weekend is the Canvolution!

For the fourth year in row, Canning Across America (CAA) is putting on a party — of can-tastic proportions. CAA is thrilled to announce Can-a-Rama 2012, a weekend of putting up, preserving, pickling and canning, coast to coast, from sea to shining sea.

When a group of Seattle area cooks, gardeners and local food enthusiasts formed Canning Across America in the summer of 2009, they envisioned a “national show of cans”: a weekend when home food preservationists would simultaneously belly up to the canning kettle. This year, CAA is calling on canners from around the country to join them JULY 20-23 through home canning parties, demos or classes in their respective neighborhoods.

In addition to blog dispatches and a preserved “photo of the week” on CAA’s website, Canningacrossmerica.com, here’s what is on tap in the days leading up to the Can-a-Rama weekend:

* An hour-long live chat on Twitter (@Canvolution) hosted by CAA founder Kim O’Donnel. All skill levels welcome; topics will cover recipe ideas and the 411 on safe food preservation. The chat will take place Tuesday, July 17 (6 p.m. PT/9 p.m. ET). To join, use the hashtag #canningchat (Recommended: Visit Tweetchat.com to navigate relevant tweets.)

* A giveaway of canning supplies and coupons, courtesy of Jarden Corporation. Post photos of what you’re preserving on Pinterest and you’ll be entered to win an Enamel Waterbath Canner and 6 coupons for one free case of jars. Visit CanningAcrossAmerica.com July 19 for all the details.

* Looking to get schooled before joining the Canvolution? CAA friend Leslie Seaton has assembled on Fresh-Picked Seattle a list of Seattle-area preserving classes throughout the month of July. http://www.freshpickedseattle.com/canning-pickling-preserving/
Founded in 2009, Canning Across America is a nationwide, ad hoc collective of cooks, gardeners and food lovers committed to the revival of the lost art of “putting up” food through safe food preservation and community building. For more information, visit Canning Across America: http://www.canningacrossamerica.com.


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  1. Shared a fantastic Can-A-Rama outing July 21 on Lummi Island to celebrate the third Canning Across America day! We made it all! Dried cherries, sweet & sour pickled cherries, cherry ketchup, blueberry jam and dill pickles. Evening dinner with friends was a wonderful crab feast.


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