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Welcome to Seattle, Where to Eat and More Seattle Food Tips

Welcome to Seattle.

Are you wondering what kind of food you will find here? You will find everything. A lot of people ask me what defines Northwest Cuisine. I am just going to make it short. It is fresh produce. It is fresh seafood. It is fresh everything and all prepared with simple techniques.
You will find lots of restaurants that believe in this philosophy that if you get the best ingredients and just saute or cook them in a simple way, you will get wonderful food. Sometimes you will find Asian influence in the food or you might find a nice piece of fish with a fresh fruit puree on top. We like mixing fruit with our fish and adding a bit of sweetness. You will find names of the purveyors on the menus right next to the items like Beecher’s Cheese or Theo Chocolate. Go ahead and look them up online afterwards. There are a lot of stories to be heard and to be told.

Don’t forget to take a picture on the hill in front of the Public Market sign at Pike Place Market. It is a magical spot. Even the worst photographers can get a decent photo. I took this one many years ago with a really bad camera.

Here is a short list of places to eat

If you want to bring gifts home, here are some you can get. You can find these everywhere.

For more about Seattle, check out my book the Food Lovers’ Guide to Seattle


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