Tejava Ice Tea Now in the Northwest

Last month, I got invited to a dinner at Staple & Fancy in collaboration with Tejava  teas. Yes, I went to two media dinners in one week at Staple &Fancy.  I love Staple & Fancy and love tea. I confess, I am not a big coffee drinker anymore, it just doesn’t do it for me.  But tea, I love tea and just about every time I go to a cafe I order tea so I was eager to taste the Tejava tea and have a full dinner infused with tea.   The event was held in the private dining room hidden downstairs known as ” The Cellar”.   The room is a hidden gem for events or private dinners with a warm, woodsy feel, the perfect atmosphere for a candlelight dinner party.

I got to sit next to the dietician, Jennifer Adler, who was hosting the event. She was just so gracious, ambitious and inspiring and is coming out with a book soon.   I made the mistake of reading an exerpt from her book right when I got home and my kids found me bawling on the stairs,my mascara running down my face.  When you meet Jennifer, all you see is someone who is beautiful and genuinely happy but there is a deeper story behind this. She comes from a background of poverty and neglect, her parents barely called her by her first name, she was just a kid to them. And her story, tells it all about how she battled so many demons and grew into a healthy, beautiful person who didn’t let her past hold her back.  I found myself slowing down as I read it, to make sure I could savor some more of her words, if I had her book in my hands, I would have not put it down until it was done.  Now I can not wait until her book comes out!

The food was incredible, salmon that melts in your mouth, house-made burrata with figs and every dish infused with just a bit of this tea.   I love this product because it has a bold, black tea flavor with no sugar, just the way tea should be. I am hooked! They just moved into the Northwest Market and can be found at Whole Foods.

Tejava atmosphere



dates and cheese





beautiful RF


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