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A Visit to The Herbfarm

I believe that there is a time and place for every type of restaurant. Some days all I want is a massive burger and a shake but on other days, I want to be wooed, dazzled and spoiled. A visit to The Herbfarm, just a drive to Woodinville is like going to a private island where everyone knows your name.

A dear friend once told me that she lost her glasses at this restaurant and when she came back they were promptly perched on her plate. There is always someone to assist you, bring you a glass of wine or just lead you to the enchanted garden where you can actually feed the resident pigs. It almost feels like this kind of service doesn’t exist anymore but it does. And the thing about the Herbfarm is that you can get away with being pampered all night without feeling uncomfortable. It is not stuffy, everything seems natural and not having to worry about things like what to order and where to park (they have valet parking) is an experience on its own. I do suggest you make accommodations afterwards because if you are going to have wine with every course, you might as well let yourself go and finish the evening in one of the Herbfarm suites or at the Willows Lodge.

The night of this basil-themed dinner, I was already very pregnant. I had to give the usual ” I don’t eat ….” mantra. Luckily all this was taken care of advance with the confirmation phone call. I had nothing to worry about for every dish, if there was something raw in it, a substitution was handled and I never had to think twice. I wish I could have done the wine pairings with every course but the non-alcoholic pairings were definitely gratifying with infused herbs and so many selections.

The Herbfarm is where you take your lover or your friend that you haven’t seen in months, the course by course banquet is a reminder that you can sit and eat and engage in the art of conversation. The decisions are made for you, each plate a work of art and observing the wait staff is a symphony in itself.

Before you sit down to eat, join the garden tour where you will be educated on all types of herbs (a bonus lesson in botany) and take the time to feed the pigs, alternatively you can do that later during courses, when you are welcomed to step outside for some air and a little bit of nature. They even hand you a little feeding kit (yes, they have thought of everything!)

My long lost love other than food is getting all dolled up and I love wearing dresses but don’t be intimidated, the dress code is dressy casual, meaning don’t dress like a shlump but no need to dazzle it up with diamonds.

When you decide on when you want to go, log into the website to choose your theme. There are ideas like Indian Summer, Mycologist’s Dream, Uber Tuber and many more and these themes will further help you decide on when to go. In these photos are the Basil Banquet. For more about the Herbfarm visit here or follow Herbguy on twitter.

I had to start by sharing one of our desserts because I absolutely love this idea.

Little White Strawberry Hood: White Pineapple Strawberries and Hood Strawberry Gelee with Garden Cucumber-Lime Basil Sorbet.

For more about where to eat in Seattle, pick up a copy of my new book ” The Food Lovers’ Guide to Seattle”.


4 responses to “A Visit to The Herbfarm”

  1. The Herb Farm sounds like an experience not to be missed. You got me going with the burger and shake comment as I so badly want a burger, fries and chocolate shake right now! Talk about the power of auto-suggestion.


  2. I’m so happy you were pampered and indulged at such a beautiful place! I’m drooling over the strawberry dessert. Hope you are doing well and loving the sunshine! 🙂


  3. Mmmmm. My husband and I have been there four times for various special occasions. Each experience was so amazing, and never the same. Luxe and yet cozy. Five star and casual at the same time. The Herbfarm ranks as one of my all time favorite places!


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