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Foodportunity 7 day Resolutions and Giveaway

We are announcing a new contest here at Foodportunity. It is all about helping you reach your resolutions with a week full of giveaways. We are here to get you motivated with 7 days of gifts to get you started.

This is the year to be more active at networking. Foodportunity is your first big chance to be in the room with hundreds of foodies. Take advantage of this opportunity. Have your business cards ready. Have your elevator speech ready. Follow up. Push yourself out of your comfort zone.

The contest! We want to know your resolutions and help you get there. Every day for 7 days, we will be giving something away that will spoil you. The catch, baby steps. You need to have one goal each day and keep it. Then, it is your reward. The prizes will be gift cards, books and other fun rewards.

How do you enter?

1) Leave a comment on the daily post for one entry.
2) Tweet the contest out and leave another comment letting us know for an additional entry. (Just say, I tweeted)
3) Facebook it and let us know (3 entries)
4) Tell a friend about the Foodportunity event by emailing the link. The more friends you tell, the more entries. (Email us at Foodprt8atgmail.com letting us know who you told , just a first name and why you think that they would be interested)

The winner will be chosen by random number generator daily. Check the post the day after by 5pm and see if you won. If you won, email us your information and we will send it your way (foodprt8atgmail.com)

When: From January 2nd to January 8th.

The best way to keep up to date with all the contests is to sign up for an email subscription on my blog, you will get a reminder when a new contest is published. Or just check in every day.

Spread the word about the next Foodportunity! Here is how.
Here is more information: https://franticfoodie.wordpress.com/2011/12/15/foodportunity-seattle-february-6-announced/


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